We are born whole.  It is not until we interact with the world around us that we become broken, either by what others have told us or what we have told ourselves.   Every person wants to feel valued—essential.    What we encounter around us dictates our perceptions of who we are.   Either our self-picture glistens like tinsel or becomes corroded   Worthiness is a birthright—a rite of passage. Many women, however, don’t feel worthy.  They are told they are not good enough—even in church. 

Years ago, there were times when I measured myself against other woman in the room, until I discovered they were measuring themselves against me.  How do I know? They told me.  I had been holding myself to a standard that was unattainable.   The reality is that defining who you are lies within.   That is your power. That is your authentic empowerment. Stop comparing yourself to other people and their mountains of stuff.  Their journey is their journey. You have a quest of your own.   You are a gifted gift.  It is time you believe it and act like it!  When you do, you will not only reach for the moon and stars, but for Jupiter, Venus, and Pluto!  





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