A friend is a beautiful, powerful person, who endures through all seasons.


On a cold, rainy day friends bring sunshine, and on a dreary, artic, winter evening, a friend is a warm afghan or a comfortable, old cardigan sweater you can wrap yourself in. Soothing like a cup of hot chocolate when your bones are chilled or a bowl of chicken soup during flu season, friends have a healing affect that goes through your veins and thaws your soul.

As refreshing as a breath of spring air, friends are like dogwoods and gardenia blossoms—they leave their potent aroma behind, always reminding you they are there.

Like a sprig of lemon in a cold glass of iced tea on a hot summer afternoon, friends add just the right flavor to your life, acting as a coolant during heated, sweltering moments.


 Like fall leaves, friends come in all colors.  Their hues run the gamut from yellow to bright orange, with hints of browns and reds in between.   Whatever winds of change blow your direction; friends will always be standing by your side with unrelenting resilience. 

 Friends have staying power!



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